The No-Nonsense Guides - Any 4

The No-Nonsense Guides - Any 4

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Selection consists of the following titles:
• No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change - A completely revised edition on the politics of climate in a post-Copenhagen world.
• No Nonsense Guide to Conflict and Peace - Peaceful alternatives to invasion and force - all explored through real cases where conflicts have been resolved.
• No Nonsense Guide to Degrowth and Sustainability - This No-Nonsense Guide looks deeper into the idea of economic growth
• No Nonsense Guide to Democracy - Explores how democracy has been constricted and deformed by economic power-brokers and a self-serving political class from Birmingham to Bangalore.
• No Nonsense Guide to Equality - A wide-ranging exploration of why inequality persists and what can be done about it.
• No Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade - The case for fair trade and its success stories, all now under threat from corporate takeover.
• No Nonsense Guide to Global Finance - An incisive introduction to global finance – where money comes from, the current mechanisms and the need for control and reform.
• No Nonsense Guide to Global Media - Peter Steven explores the diversity of world media, from the corporate to the independent and encourages us to reflect upon media and society.
• No Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance - In the world of CCTV, email and DNA, this book shows the extent to which Big Brother is watching us all.
• No Nonsense Guide to Global Terrorism - Political and moral analysis of the causes and contexts of terrorism the world over.
• No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics - In the near future there will be no politics but green politics…
• No Nonsense Guide to Human Rights - Human rights are universal - that’s the theory. How can this be transformed into reality for all?
• No Nonsense Guide to International Development - An exploration of all aspects of ‘development’ that shows it should be more social than political.
• No Nonsense Guide to International Migration - Unravels the global migration paradoxes, explaining the economic and social issues behind the flow of humans.
• No Nonsense Guide to Islam - An exploration of ‘real Islam’ - looking beyond the common perceptions and polemical debates.
• No Nonsense Guide to Religion - Symon Hill’s No-Nonsense Guide to Religion tries to explain what religion means, how we relate to it, how it was created and how it affects us culturally, politically and spiritually today.
• No Nonsense Guide to The Arms Trade - An insight into how the arms trade works and the deals which are cut long before the weapons are deployed.
• No Nonsense Guide to The United Nations - Conveys the complexity of the UN, assesses its record, and considers options for reform.
• No Nonsense Guide to Tourism - What lies behind the search for paradise and adventure - the often invisible impacts of tourism exposed.
• No Nonsense Guide to Women's Rights - A vivid dissection of the state of women’s rights in a ‘post-feminist’ age.
• No Nonsense Guide to World Health - An examination of the state of health worldwide which shows that public health is largely determined by socio-economic factors.
• No Nonsense Guide to World Music - A exploration of what ‘world music’ actually means and an introduction to global sounds.
• No Nonsense Guide to World Population - Are we heading for a population ‘explosion’? How many people can the planet sustain?
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