Biodegradable Dog Bags

Biodegradable Dog Bags

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A superb idea for all dog owners. 100 biodegradable dog waste bags and an Onya pouch. Clip it onto your lead and always have a handful of bags with you. Made from GM-free cornstarch, meaning they will breakdown in about 40 days after use.

Size: 29cm long by 19.5cm wide


It seems strange that conscientious dog owners 'pick up their dog poop... (which is 100% biodegradable) ...only to pop it' into a plastic bag that will be with us for 100's of years!

So here we have a fully biodegradable, 100% Compostable Doggy Doings Bags! The Pouch holds loads of Bio-bags with room to also keep a few dog treats as well. Clip it to your lead and you won't forget it!

Bio-bags are as natural as dog waste, as unlike normal plastic bags they are a revolutionary renewable natural material made from GM-free corn starch and vegetable oil that breaks down in as little as 40 days, in a healthy composting environment.

Bio-Bags are certified as compostable according to the European standard EN-13432. They are unlike other 'degradable' bags which are blends of Polyethylene (PE) with additives that cause the bag to eventually shatter into smaller and smaller pieces leaving plastic debris in the environment.

Bio Bags are:
• Easy to use with an easy seal device with no tying required.
• Quick to biodegrade, reducing long term and short term littering effects.
• Leak proof, yet allows moisture evaporation so the contents can dry out; if they are stood on "they won't mess the feet".
• Prevent the smell that occurs when dog waste by encouraging aerobic biodegradation.
• Digested safely by animals, reducing the risk of accidental death from animals eating plastic waste.
• Storale for up to 2 years (degradable plastic bags last for only 6 months). The decomposition process is activated by use.
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