The World Guide 11th Edition paperback

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The World Guide 11th Edition (paperback)

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The World Guide profiles every country on the planet.

Paperback: 624 pages
Size: 28cm x 19.5cm



The World Guide 11th edition profiles every country on the planet. It is unique in combining
social and developmental analysis with historical and political content. For students, teachers and readers of all levels this accessible guide provides a refreshing world perspective.

Drawing on United Nations and other mainstream data, The World Guide includes all the facts,
history, political and economic analysis you would find in a conventional
reference work. But it is unique in also offering information on the issues
central to the lives of people in the Global South, such as child health,
literacy, maternal mortality and land use.

Key features include:

-Up-to-date information plus a complete history for every country of
the world, including Montenegro, Palestine, Somaliland, West Papua,
Western Sahara
-In Focus box showing at-a-glance information on each country's human
rights, indigenous peoples, health, education and environment.

-25 new reports on topical global issues such as green economics,
energy scenarios, the gender gap, Latin American politics and security.

- The World in Figures - a comprehensive section
of data and statistics on child health, literacy, maternal mortality, land use,
public expenditure and other issues.

- Tables of factual information on key issues
such as debt, communications, corruption and trade, plus a unique guide to
Sexual Minorities and the Law.

The World Guide is a South-North collaborative effort between the Third
World Institute in Uruguay and the New Internationalist. With a clear,
country-by-country format it is the most accessible work of reference
for development studies, comparative studies,
travel research and fact-checking.

Paperback: 624 pages
Publisher: New Internationalist (March 2007)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-904456-56-8
Size: 28cm x 19.5cm
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Additional Information

Code BWG07
ISBN 978-1-904456-56-8
Supplier New Internationalist
Values and causes Educational, Recycled, New Internationalist

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