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The Ethical Shop is an online only shop, owned and managed by New Internationalist Publications Ltd. We sell a wide range of ethical goods, from fair trade to organic, recycled to vegan. Books published by New Internationalist, and our subsidiary Myriad Editions, can be bought at a 20% saving in The Ethical Shop. All profits from the Shop go to support the New Internationalist magazine which was first published in 1973. We also partner with charities and campaigning groups to help them raise money by selling ethical gifts and household goods to their supporters.

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  New Internationalist
Independent not-for-profit publisher on global justice issues
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Our ethical buying policy

The Ethical Shop follows an ethical buying policy to ensure that our products are sourced responsibly:

Seagrass and Recycled Foil Basket

Fair Trade

Fair Trade brings immediate and sustainable improvements to the lives of producers at the sharp end of the supply chain. While the movement has its issues, it is committed to continuous reflection and improvement to go on empowering producers of the Global South through a fairer trading system.

Zaytoun Olive Oil


Organic can describe a wide range of products, from clothing to olive oil. Each industry has a specific set of strict standards of environmentally and animal friendly methods of production. The founding principles are of health, ecology, fairness and care, and these values feed through supply chains to ensure full traceability.

Circular and Co Water Bottles


From candles to Christmas stockings, these varied products are made from recycled materials, sending less materials to landfill and encouraging creative sustainability. 

Grow Bar

Eco friendly

Products with this tag have a purpose of benefit to the environment, through energy saving or the encouragement of green living using organic, solar-powered, and recycled innovations.

Peters World Map


Our games, posters and books are packed with information and thought-provoking insights for adults and children alike.

Cotswold Fudge

Made in the UK

Products made right here in the UK have a raft of benefits: they have a smaller carbon footprint and support local creativity and initiatives. We look to work with social enterprises, co-operatives, charities and similar organizations to find products that meet our commitments.

Spice Tins


A wide selection of vegan foods and vegan friendly items

Nemi Teas

Supports a Charity

Many of our suppliers are either charities themselves or pledge to support a charity through their work. From planting trees, to helping refugees with employment, to supporting human rights.








Please do contact us if you have any questions about the source of any of the items on sale. We welcome questions and feedback on how we might develop and improve our policy. If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the Ethical Shop please contact Fran Harvey.

New Internationalist Publications Ltd is an independent not-for-profit co-operative publisher, established in 1973. It produces a bi-monthly global social justice magazine and books about world poverty and inequality; focusing attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless worldwide.

New Internationalist Publications Ltd also offer a range of design, production, editorial and publishing services. Please contact contracts for more details.