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Bird Grow Bar

A spectacular trio of bird-friendly flowers, guaranteed to bring wild birds flocking to snack on the plentiful seeds. Contains: Sunflower, Echinops and Cornflowers Start growing: March - June
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The Growbar is made from coir - an Eco Friendly alternative to peat made from coconut fibre and comes in 100% recycled packaging. The seeds are added to the coir ready to create beautiful flowers next summer.


Sunflower Sun Gold - much-loved golden giants, which produce an abundant supply of seeds (annual)
Echinops - vibrant spherical flowers for you and tasty seeds for the birds (perennial)
Cornflowers - with its electrical blue petals is an integral part of the British cottage garden (annual)

Sunflowers and cornflowers are annuals but don’t prune off the dead flowers as birds will enjoy eating the seeds from flower heads. Keep them on throughout winter for as long as possible as they offer a good source of food for hungry birds. When spring appears, cut back the Echinops so they flower plentiful in the summer.

Packaging dimensions: 24cm x 10.4cm x 1.5cm

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