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Biscuits (assorted) by Jenny Robins

Every day we pass a thousand people in the street or squash up against strangers in the underground. Like every city, London is teeming with life: diverse, beautiful, messy, incongruous life, and every face seen fleetingly in the crowd carries a story or two. Some are sad, some are funny, some are boring, but none are ever quite what you would guess.

Paperback: 288 pages.
Publisher: Myriad
Language: English (Graphic Novel)
Size: 24cm x 17cm
ISBN: 978-1-912408-29-0

'A delicious, grin-inducing joy – as well as one of the most effortlessly accessible and all-inclusive celebrations of friendships that I’ve ever been blessed to stumble across. It has leapfrogged, legs akimbo, over hundreds upon hundreds of other comics to find itself quite startlingly in my Top Twenty Favourite Graphic Novels Of All Time.'—Stephen Holland, Page 45

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In Biscuits (assorted), Jenny Robins takes a look at a handful of women’s stories in the city as they defy and comply with our expectations, and as they step out of the cookie cutter mould of what it means to be a woman today. What can a relentlessly positive supermarket employee, a strong-minded mother with a secret, a mistress of distraction (and oversharing) and a miss-adventurer in bi-sexual dating do in one long, hot summer? What can they learn from each other and from the colourful cast of women (and the occasional man) in this book of interweaving stories?

An extract from Biscuits (assorted) won the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2018.



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ISBN 9781912408290
Manufacturer Myriad
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