Blacklisted: The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists (1st edition) by Dave Smith & Phil Chamberlain

Blacklisted tells the controversial story of the illegal strategies that transnational construction companies used to keep union activists away from work. 'Blacklisting destroyed the lives of many workers and their families over the years. It took courage and determination to stand up to it and expose its operation. This book makes a significant contribution to telling the truth of the blacklist.'- John McDonnell, MP. Paperback, 320 pages.
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Blacklisted tells the controversial story of the illegal strategies that transnational construction companies resorted to in their attempt to keep union activists away from their places of work. This is a story of a bitter struggle, in which collusion with the police and security services resulted in victimization, violence and unemployment, with terrible effects on families and communities. Drawing on first-hand accounts of the workers, Blacklisted reveals how, when major construction projects were unionized, those involved were unlawfully victimized. From the building sites to the High Court, this is a story of ordinary working people taking on some of the most powerful transnational companies in the world. With a full inquiry promised by the Labour party, the practice of blacklisting is set to become a hot topic in the May general election. The book also reveals how blacklisting extended beyond construction activists to environmental campaigners, journalists, politicians and academics. And it adds an international perspective with related stories from America and Europe. Event Dates 4 September - Social Justice Conference (organised by GMB), Manchester. 4-6 September - Hazards 2015: the 26th National Hazards Conference, Keele University. 10 September - Blacklisted book event with Dave Smith, Croydon TUC. 15 September - Spycops Fringe Meeting with Matt Wrack (FBU), John McDonnell MP, Helen Steel, Dave Smith and Shamik Dutta, TUC Congress Brighton. 16 September - Blacklistedbook events with Phil Chamberlain & Dave Smith, Brighton. 17 September - Policing & Democracy in the 21st Century Conference, University of Liverpool. 6 October - Blacklisted book event, Leeds. (TBA) 29 October - National Executive Council event, The Communications Union (CWU). (TBA) 4 November - Joint event with United We Stand play at Bussey Theatre, Peckham. (TBA) 4 November - Blacklisted book event, Holyrood. (TBA) 5 November - Blacklisted book event, Strathclyde University. (TBA) Dave Smith is a blacklisted union activist from the construction industry, and an award-winning campaigner on human rights, health and safety, anti-fascism and employment rights issues. He currently works as a trade union education tutor. Phil Chamberlain is an experienced investigative journalist who has written for the Guardian, Observer and the Independent amongst others. He is also a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of the West of England, Bristol. 'This book will be a wake up call to all who think we live in a democracy where all are equal before the law. These are big questions for the employers and the police, as well as Labour politicians and union leaders.' - Ken Loach, film director. 'The book on blacklisting by Phil Chamberlain and Dave Smith could turn out to be one of the most important of 2015.' - Rob Evans, journalist for The Guardian, and author of Undercover. 'I recommend people read this book. Just by picking up this book, just by reading it, you challenge what I believe to be a state and corporate spying culture that is out of control.' - Mark Thomas, comedian. '[Blacklisted] provides the evidence that turned the 'blacklist' from a conspiracy theory into a conspiracy by the construction industry and the state against trade unions. Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain's book is also the story of those who refused to be broken and isolated...the story of workers who fought back with the basic weapons of our movement: collective organisation and solidarity.' - Neil Cafferky, Socialism Today. 'This book demonstrates that the suppression of labour rights is an issue as important as it was in the days when union organisers were sent to the colonies.' - Jeremy Hardy, comedian. 'Dave Smith has been at the forefront of the campaign to expose the loathsome and illegal practice of blacklisting of employees for trade union and political activities for many years. His was a lonely voice at first but has now compelled Parliament and society at large to sit up, listen and condemn the unacceptable practice. This book should be required reading for anyone interested in how big business covertly subverts democracy and trade union rights. Please read it, discuss it and pass it on.' - Tommy Sheridan, former member of the Scottish Parliament, and co-convenor of Solidarity. Format: Paperback Language: English Publisher: New Internationalist Publication date: 2015 Dimensions: 22 cm x 14 cm Pages: 320
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