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Block Printed Gift Wrap, pack of 5

Hand made and printed paper gift wrap. Crisp, exceptionally durable paper, exclusively from Nepal. Paper with patterns is block printed by hand using wooden blocks. 5 sheets.
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Hand made paper giftwrap begins as lokta daphne: from a rapidly regenerating shrub that is unique to just below the summer snowline in the high hills of Nepal. To ensure diversity of plant life – necessary to protect the hillsides – it is essential to pollard the shrub regularly. The paper is made from the bark of the pollarded sections of the shrub.

How it's made: Dried out lokta daphne bark is thoroughly cleaned, black parts removed, then boiled in water. After natural cooling, the substance is beaten to make pulp. The pulp is thoroughly mixed with water in a vat, then scooped out as film onto a net frame. This paper film is dressed, then finally dried naturally in the sun. 

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Manufacturer One Village
Values and causes Eco Friendly, Fair Trade
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