Emma Blunt

  1. Christmas gift guide - gift ideas for £40 and under

    Christmas gift guide - gift ideas for £40 and under
    Ethical gift ideas for under £40. There's bound to be the perfect, useful, ethical gift you're looking for, right here...
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  2. Introducing Meru Herbs

    Introducing Meru Herbs
    Focused on female empowerment, sustainable livelihoods, alleviating poverty, and improving standards of living.
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  3. Foodie Gift Guide

    Foodie Gift Guide
    Gifting food and drink items for Christmas are great for presents that will be used, enjoyed and won’t end up in landfill. We've grouped together some items to give you ideas for a perfectly themed foodie gift.
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  4. Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

    Christmas Gift Guide For Kids
    This Christmas, some of us may be more conscious of the number of gifts we buy, and many will prioritise buying for children. We have a range of eco toys, books and gifts with young people in mind.
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  5. Now shipping overseas!

    Now shipping overseas!
    We can now send a gift overseas, or you can order from anywhere
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  6. Update on gebana products

    Update on gebana products
    gebana are no longer able to supply fairtrade fruit and nuts to Ethical Shop. Emma explains why...
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