Michael York

  1. £50 Shop Voucher Winners - April 2023

    £50 Shop Voucher Winners - April 2023

    Whoopee - 10 April winners have been selected!

    We've used a 'Wheel Of Names' to select the ten lucky winners in the April draw for ten £50 shop *vouchers. Thanks to everyone who signed up to the Ethical Shop enews list and don't forget we'll be repeating the draw another four times this year to celebrate fifty years of the award winning New Internationalist Magazine.

    To take part all you need to do is sign up and you'll be entered. The sooner you do it, the better your chances of winning a £50 *voucher. There are FIFTY to be won.

    We recorded the ten selections but disguised f

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  2. 50:50 – £50 Ethical Shop Vouchers to be won

    50:50 – £50 Ethical Shop Vouchers to be won
    50 years of the New Internationalist Magazine and fifty £50 Ethical Shop gift vouchers to be won.
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  3. New free 'gift card' service

    Gift Card Image
    Sending a gift to a different address? We've now got a FREE gift card service
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  4. Vegan Iced Mocha using Divine Chocolate

    Divine chocolate Iced Mocha
    A really simple Vegan Iced Mocha recipe using a few ingredients from the Ethical Shop. Perfect for lazy summer days.
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  5. In the mountains above Ormylia

    Looking down on Mount Athos and Sithonia
    Miles of olive groves, the mountains above Ormylia, a puncture and a strange meeting with a waiter
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