Gift Card Image

Sending a gift to a different address? We've now got a FREE gift card service

Charlie and Emma have been working hard to get this service working. We take your gift message and copy it into a beautiful One World Greeting card. This means we're putting some vintage stock to good use - as there is no way we ever throw anything away. Also, what's great is that you don't need to think about a separate card or stamp as our card can act as a birthday, get well soon or anniversary card. Just fill in the gift box when checking out and we'll do the rest. Perfect.

As a tiny not-for-profit co-operative, we can't always keep up with the multimillion pound mail order operations out there, but we do our best to provide a top service. We hope that using these stunning One World cards to send your message will make your gift extra special and might even help spread the word about what we do. Your card will be one of the five below. We can't offer a choice as it depends on what we have in stock, but we're sure your recipient will be happy with any of these 5 images below. What's not to like about them?!

For this service to work, you'll need to have a different billing address to the delivery address, then just fill in the gift message box at the checkout.