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BBC Blue Planet II by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, illustrated by Emily Dove

Discover all there is to love about our Blue Planet, the stories of its inhabitants, and realise how you can help protect this wilderness beneath the waves. In collaboration with BBC Earth, this illustrated non-fiction book will capture the wonder, beauty, and emotion of the iconic BBC Blue Planet II TV series. Age: 5-9 years
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This is our Blue Planet: a beautiful blue marble suspended in a sea of stars. Unlike billions of other worlds in the Milky Way, 71 per cent of our Blue Planet is covered by ocean.

It's home to the greatest diversity of life on Earth but is our least explored habitat; we've better maps of Mars than of the ocean floor. With so much more to discover, take a deep breath . . . and dive into a wondrous world beneath the waves.

Explore coral reefs that shimmer in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Venture to the bottom of the ocean where creatures beyond your wildest imagination live in the dark.

Chase sea otters through kelp forest seas, and glide the open ocean with humpback whales.

Written by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, and illustrated by Emily Dove.

Paperback: 64 pages

Publisher: Penguin Randomhouse (March 22)

Language: English

ISBN: 9781405946605

Size: 24.2cm x 29.1cm

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ISBN 9781405946605
Manufacturer Penguin Random House
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