1. Migrations: New Short Story Fiction from Africa

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    Migrations: New Short Story Fiction from Africa

    Short Story Day Africa presents its annual anthology. The stories explore true and alternative African culture through a competition on the theme of Migrations. 'Wherever we go, so do our stories.' Shortlisted Authors: Sibongile Fisher (South Africa) Mirette Bhagat Eskaros (Egypt) Blaize Kaye (South Africa) Megan Ross (South Africa) Stacy Hardy (South Africa) TJ Benson (Nigeria) Paperback: 284 pages Size: 194mm x 129mm
  2. The Climate Majority by Leo Barasi

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    The Climate Majority by Leo Barasi

    The Climate Majority is not about the climate deniers or the climate activists. It's about apathy, about those who don't talk about global warming - the billions of people who have heard plenty about climate change and acknowledge there's a problem, but who are just not engaged enough to stimulate the change required to stop it. 'Apathy is, arguably, the greatest obstacle facing action on climate change. Amid all the noise generated by the climate debate, Barasi's book shines a much-needed light on this oft-forgotten topic and, crucially, suggests a compelling way forward to overcome it.' Leo Hickman, editor of Carbon Brief Paperback: 200 pages Size: 13.8 x 2.2 x 21.6 cm
  3. The Equality Effect by Danny Dorling

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    The Equality Effect by Danny Dorling

    The Equality Effect is almost magical. In more equal countries, human beings are generally happier and healthier, there is less crime, more creativity and higher educational attainment. Danny Dorling delivers all evidence that is now so overwhelming that it should be changing politics and society all over the world. "Here is a book which details - with irrefutable evidence - both the damage caused by inequality, and the benefits we all derive from living in more equal societies. We should all learn from it - and, above all else, act on it." - Owen Jones. The Equality Effect: Improving Life for Everyone, Danny Dorling delivers evidence that more equal countries enjoy better outcomes, with their populations being happier, healthier and more creative, producing less waste and committing fewer crimes. This optimistic book is a pleasure to read, writes Natasha Codiroli Mcmaster, and encourages us to see greater equality – and its social benefits – as being within our reach. London School of Economics Book Review
  4. 80-20 Development in an Unequal World edited by Ciara Regan, Colm Regan and Tony Daly

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    80-20 Development in an Unequal World edited by Ciara Regan, Colm Regan and Tony Daly

    A development education resource designed and written by an international group of authors and educationalists. '80-20 Development in an Unequal World is a valuable resource aimed at the conscientization of scholars, global and development educators, and students of all ages and backgrounds in informal as well as formal education. Most importantly, it discusses the processes of change, indicating how we can organize to advance policies that favour the creation of an international peaceful, sustainable and just social order.' International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning' 'This book will become an invaluable tool for everyone interested in development issues’ Mary Robinson - President of the Mary Robinson Foundation, Climate Justice ‘Unlike many textbooks and articles, 80-20 references every quote, fact and figure which helps teachers and students to examine the validity of information.' Lucy Kirkham – Bassaleg School, Newport, Wales
  5. Beyond Flying by Chris Watson

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    Beyond Flying by Chris Watson

    These are the stories of how fourteen authors found easy and better ways of living and working in a globalised world with less air travel. Paperback: 208 pages Size: 12.7cm x 1.5cm x 19.7cm
  6. NoNonsense Feminism by Nikki van der Gaag

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    NoNonsense Feminism by Nikki van der Gaag

    An international perspective on the resurgence in feminist movements: the advances and the setbacks, the challenges and the contradictions. ‘Informative and concise. Let us take inspiration and create a fairer, more feminist 21st century.’ - Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International 'Very up-to-date, with a useful ‘very brief history of feminisms’, this is a quick read which should lead on to more detailed reading elsewhere (there are plenty of references). Recommended.' Peace News Paperback: 144 pages Size: 18cm x 11cm
  7. NoNonsense Legalizing Drugs by Steve Rolles

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    NoNonsense Legalizing Drugs by Steve Rolles

    We urgently need to legalize and regulate drugs – this book explains why, and how to do it. 'Of all mankind’s self-inflicted wounds, ‘the war on drugs’ must be one of the most catastrophic . This passionate, articulate, and numerate statement of the case for legalising drugs could not be bettered. I hope it has the wide readership, and receives the careful attention, it deserves. It should be placed in the hands of all those who are in a position to make or influence policy and to reverse the present disastrous approach to what should be an entirely manageable human problem' Raymond Tallis, Retired Physician and Neuroscientist, Author, and Philosopher. Paperback: 144 pages Size: 18cm x 11cm
  8. The Great Climate Robbery by GRAIN

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    The Great Climate Robbery by GRAIN

    The follow-up to GRAIN’s The Great Food Robbery this title moves on to connect analysis of the food system to larger issues affecting the planet, and link peoples’ struggles over food to climate change. "A must read for movements addressing climate change as well as seed and food sovereignty. It shows that industrial corporate agriculture is a major part of the climate crisis, and small scale ecological farming is a significant solution." - Dr Vandana Shiva "Lifts up the voices of farmers around the world, explaining why their fight to stop the industrial food juggernaut is the same as the fight for a habitable, just planet." - Naomi Klein , author and environmentalist
  9. The Ethical Careers Guide by Paul Allen The Ethical Careers Guide by Paul Allen

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    The Ethical Careers Guide by Paul Allen

    How do you find a job that makes you happy – one that fits with your morals, makes you feel good about going to work, and isn’t just about making money? This guide is aimed at anyone who wants to do something meaningful with their working life. 'If you're looking to find a career that makes a difference - and work you really love - this book will show you how.'
    Lucy Siegle, Ethical Correspondent, The Guardian and BBC The One Show. Paperback: 184 pages Size: 23.8cm x 16cm
  10. Haifa Fragments by khulud khamis

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    Haifa Fragments by khulud khamis

    Jewellery designer, Maisoon, wants an ordinary extraordinary life, which isn’t easy for a tradition-defying, activist, Palestinian citizen of Israel, who refuses to be crushed by the feeling that she is an unwelcome guest in the land of her ancestors.

    'khulud khamis unpacks the multiple layers of culture, religion, sexuality, politics, feminism and nationalism in the hope of gathering the fragmented pieces of the past and reclaiming the lost contiguity of being Palestinian.' - Samah Sabawi, Palestinian playwright and commentator. Available in paperback, and eBook formats; ePub, PDF and PRC (for use on Kindle). Pages: 190 Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78026-259-8 eBook ISBN: 978-1-78026-260-4