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  1. Solar powered garden light (96 LED)

    Solar powered garden light (96 LED)

    This solar powered 96 LED garden light with real flame effect will illuminate your garden all year round.
  2. Outdoor solar light with mosquito repeller

    Outdoor solar light with mosquito repeller

    A solar powered LED camping lantern with a built-in electric mosquito repellent.
  3. Large Casagmi Solar House Light Large Casagmi Solar House Light

    Large Casagmi Solar House Light

    Solar night light house with changing colour light. Size: 16x15x13cm. Pack Size: 22cm x 32cm.
  4. Derwala Antique Brass T-Light

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £3.00

    Derwala Antique Brass T-Light

    Sophisticated and striking metal tea light holder. Made in India. Size: 8cm x 14cm x 14cm.
  5. Olafur Eliasson Little Sun Solar Light Olafur Eliasson Little Sun Solar Light

    Olafur Eliasson Little Sun Solar Light

    Great for camping, festivals, at the beach, brightening your home, garden, or balcony. Kids love the lamp - as a nightlight or for playtime - which makes it easy to teach them about sustainable living.

    Featuring a dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness of the lamp to what you need.

    Five hours of charging in the sun produces more than 50 hours of light at the dimmest setting or 4 hours at the brightest setting.

    Size 12cm x 3cm.

  6. Light roast coffee beans (1kg)

    Light roast coffee beans (1kg)

    Pure Arabica coffee beans made from 70% Arabica bean from the Mexican highlands and 30% Arabica beans from the mountains of Peru. The perfect light roast.

    This mixture is suitable for all coffee machines and results in a balanced Café Crème. 

    Like us, you probably want more equity, more sustainability, and more quality at affordable prices. That’s why we have teamed up with gebana to change the rules of the game: they trade differently, you buy differently. This is how we all make it work:

    • gebana only harvest and deliver fruit when it is ripe. 
    • The taste is what counts above all; meaningless standards such as size and colour are of no concern.
    • gebana sell in large packages that come directly from the country of origin. This is more efficient, reducing not only waste but also food miles.
    • You, the customer, buy in larger quantities. By receiving large packages directly from the producers you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase, with shorter transport routes, lower emissions and less packaging. And you can always share the contents of bulk packages with friends and family.
    • We continue to strive to keep getting better at doing business socially and ecologically and change global trade in favour or farming families, local economies and the environment – it doesn’t stop at organic and fair trade! 
    • We help small scale organic farmers from the South to sell their produce in Western Europe.
    • No preservatives, no wastage, and incredible taste – you won’t look back!

    Standard shipping rates apply. Free P&P for orders over £75.

  7. Powerplus Firefly All Purpose Light

    Powerplus Firefly All Purpose Light

    An all purpose wind-up light that can be placed flat on a surface, hung on a hook, or stuck to metal using the magnetic base. 16 white LED bulbs will give 25 minutes of light from a 1 minute wind. Or choose the 3 red LED bulbs to use as a warning light. Size: 10cm diameter.

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