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Chimney Pillow - Log Burner

A simple, cost-effective way to stop chimney draughts and reduce heat loss. Specifically designed for wood burners and multi fuel stoves. For flues up to 6 inches round.
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Simply inflate to block the chimney and cold air is held back immediately. Warm air does not escape meaning you save heat and money the moment the pillow is installed. 

Easy to install and remove, it is made from a special laminate of three poly plastics making it airtight, tear-resistant, and long-lasting.

  • An effective way to save money on heating
  • Eliminate draughts and is easy to install
  • Stops chimney draughts. Can be fitted by anyone in a couple of minutes
  • Stops debris, soot, and bird mess
  • Saves on heating bill by stopping down draughts and up draughts
  • Allows a little ventilation
  • Inflate to install, deflate to remove
  • Use it again and again to continue saving money every day

A special laminate of three poly plastics makes this product airtight, tear-resistant, and long-lasting. The shape allows some ventilation on two corners to keep the chimney dry. Completely safe: if it is accidentally heated, it shrivels and deflates. 

Inflate your Chimney Pillow by mouth inflation tube or air bed pump. Before lighting a fire, deflate it by opening the tap and then simply remove it. The Chimney Pillow is made of special, durable long-life plastic.

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Manufacturer Tango
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