Dissidents Of The International Left by Andy Heintz

Dissidents of the International Left features 77 illuminating interviews with progressives, leftists, liberals, leaders of social movements, dissidents,anarchists and feminists from all over the world. Their views, in their own words, not previously published. Includes interviews with Anthony Appiah, Noam Chomsky, Juan Cole, Amy Goodman, Anabel Hernandez, Malalai Joya, George Monbiot, Amartya Sen, Ed Vulliamy and Michael Walzer. Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: New Internationalist (18 April 2019) Language: English ISBN: 978-1-78026-499-8 Size: 138 x 215mm
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Dissidents Of The International Left by Andy Heintz
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eBook: Dissidents Of The International Left by Andy Heintz
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Dissidents of the International Left gives a clear-headed look at the many different strands of the international and domestic leftist currents pulsing throughout the world. With over 70 interviews it gives lesser known dissidents, leftists, secularists and feminists the same platform as more well-known progressive and Leftist stalwarts.

The author interviews relatively well-known and famous intellectuals from the Western world such as Noam Chomsky, Ed Vulliamy, Amy Goodman, Michael Walzer, Meredith Tax, Bill Weinberg, Peter Beinart, Juan Cole and George Monbiot. He also interviews many prominent intellectuals and dissidents from the non-Western world including Amartya Sen, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Nadezhda Azhigikihna of the Russian Union of Journalists, Algerian native Marieme Helie Lucas, Mahmoud Mamdani, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Fawwaz Traboulsi, Mouin Rabbani, Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, Malalai Joya, Teesta Setelvad, her husband Javed Anand, Sokeel Park of Liberty in South Korea, atheist intellectual Leo Igwe of Nigeria and many others.These intellectuals and journalists offer many opinions that deserve a much broader readership in the Western world.

About the author
Andy Heintz is a freelance writer based in the American Midwest. His work has been published in progressive media outlets in the United States, Europe, India and the Middle East, including Foreign Policy in Focus, the New Internationalist, Muftah, The Wire, Common Dreams, CounterVortex. Heintz specializes in writing about foreign policy issues, social movements, universal rights and international solidarity.


Recently named a "Favourite Book of 2020" by The Progressive magazine!
“Since 1909, The Progressive has aimed to amplify voices of dissent and those under-represented in the mainstream, with a goal of championing grassroots progressive politics. Our bedrock values are nonviolence and freedom of speech.
Based in Madison, Wisconsin, we publish on national politics, culture, and events including U.S. foreign policy; we also focus on issues of particular importance to the heartland.”


"Authored by Andy Heintz, Dissidents of the International Left is an extraordinarily inspirational and illuminating book. The work constitutes a valuable contribution to discourse about the concept of international solidarity at a time when it’s needed more than ever. Based on interviews with dozens of academics, liberation theologians, NGO leaders, feminists, philosophers, and human rights activists from southern Mexico’s mountainous highlands to Syria’s Jazira Region to America’s rural heartland, Dissidents of the International Left offers new ways of thinking about the Left’s strategies for effecting positive change on a global scale."— Giorgio Cafiero, CEO and founder of Gulf State Analytics, a Washington, DC-based geopolitical risk consultancy.
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