eBook: Rumble Strip by Woodrow Phoenix

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eBook: Rumble Strip by Woodrow Phoenix

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If you want to get away with murder... buy a car. Woodrow Phoenix’s impassioned and beautifully drawn graphic novel questions our love affair with cars, and asks why, when you are in the driving seat, killing other people is not murder. Or even manslaughter. It’s… misfortune. “Phoenix articulates - and illustrates the devastating combination of human and machine on our roads.” - Lovereading “One utterly original work of genius. It should be made mandatory reading for everyone, everywhere.” - The Times


Over 1.2 million people are killed on the road each year. By 2020, road traffic accidents could outstrip stroke and HIV as one of the main causes of preventable deaths. Our increasing dependence on vehicles to ease our crowded lives has led to a critical imbalance in power between drivers and pedestrians – a situation where road deaths are viewed as acts of God, random events with no cause and no recourse, rather than as the result of human behaviour. Woodrow Phoenix’s dry, sometimes painfully mordant wit, backed up by accident statistics, personal observations and case histories, offers a trenchant analysis of the problems of road users everywhere and the risks we all take every day. Rumble Strip surprises, challenges, asks us questions that badly need answers and makes us think about things we may prefer to ignore. But sometimes we all need a wake-up call: Woodrow Phoenix personalises the experience of the commuter, the driver, the pedestrian, the accident victim – because any one of them could be you. “In thrall to the vivid iconography of the roadside – the signs, the arrows, the unfolding motorway landscape – and vividly sketches the ways cars can isolate us from each other.” - Herald “The layout cleverly simulates a car journey. I sometimes dream about driving a car, and when I drive at night, I sometimes wonder if I am dreaming. Woodrow Phoenix describes it perfectly.” - The Beautiful Room “Darkly dazzling... a disturbing indictment of the culture of the car presented in a simple, shocking and brilliant way.” - Argus “For a graphic work that doesn’t show a single human being, this is an extraordinarily human book.” - Paul Gravett eBookk: 192 pages Publisher: Myriad Editions (12 Jun. 2008) Language: English
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