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EcoSavers Easy-Fit Radiator Foil (5m) & Adhesive Tape

Adding this radiator foil to the back of your radiators is one of the most effective and easy solutions you can make to improve your heating efficiency. If you have radiators on external walls up to 70% of the heat can be lost directly to the wall. The poorer the insulation in the wall the more heat is lost. This foil will repay the cost price in around 4 months and should last for around 10 years. 

Through its high heat-reflecting performance, the foil reflects the warmth back to the room and prevents the heat going into the wall - saving money and making sure you don't waste fuel.

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No glue, no paste, quick and easy to install. Cut the foil to the right size, fit the magnetic tape and attach to the back of the radiator. Pack includes five 50cm lengths of foil with ten metres of self-adhesive magnetic tape. Box size: 25cm x 20cm.

EcoSavers Radiator Foil with magnetic tape is a foil with high reflective features which can easily be installed behind the radiator. 

There is no need to remove the radiator in order to install the foil - simply place it directly behind the radiator and secure it with the included tape. 

Simply cut the foil to fit the radiator (if you make the panel slightly smaller than the radiator it will not be visible) Attach the magnetic tape to the left and right-hand sides of the foil panel you have just cut Position the foil and magnetic tape on the rear of the radiator. 

  • Easy to install in just seconds
  • Comes with tape to secure the foil neatly
  • Pays for itself in under 4 months (less at higher energy prices)
  • Can be cut to fit your radiator perfectly
  • Increase heat efficiency around your home
  • Save money from the moment of installation

After the foil is installed, the heat produced on the backside of the radiator is reflected by the foil, which allows the radiator to operate more efficiently. This foil can be placed directly on the back of the radiator, so visually out of sight, with no glue, and no paste. 

Pack contains: 

Radiator Foil: 5 x 0.5m
Tape: 10m

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