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Our World Jigmap

Explore our wonderful world with this vividly illustrated Jigmap World puzzle! Jigmap World challenges children to piece together the 250 piece puzzle before placing the different country pieces into their correct location on the world map. 

250 piece puzzle.

Suitable for ages 7+

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Each individual puzzle piece is illustrated with the animals, attractions and landmarks that make the world's continents and countries unique – it's a great way to educate and improve geographical skills.

The hilarious illustrations encourage discussions related to geography and culture…can you spot the Alaskan Moose? Why are penguins only in the Southern Hemisphere and not the Arctic?

Created by the talented Phil Dobson, the puzzle is packaged in a bright and sturdy box which has been designed and manufactured in the UK.

250 pieces of various shapes and sizes.

Puzzle size: 68.5cm x 49cm

Box size: 29cm x 21cm x 5cm

Age 7+

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Manufacturer Gibsons
Values and causes Recycled, Made in the UK
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