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Greek Green Olives with Rosemary, 1kg

These Green Olives from Chalkidiki are known for their very large size, their pure intense green colour and their excellent taste due to their high content of olive oil. Coated in rosemary. They are a Greek product of 'Protected Designation of Origin' (P.D.O.). Natural and free of preservatives. Ideal to serve on their own or in a variety of stews and cooked dishes.

Vacuum packed for freshness, this method of packaging increases product shelf life, protects the olives from external elements, and seals in all of those delicious flavours. With absolutely no chemical preservatives, their multitude of nutritional benefits are maintained in the most natural and effective way possible.

Ingredients: Green Olives, Rosemary, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid, Water, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Each bag contains approximately 130 unpitted olives.

1kg Vacuum-Sealed.

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All our olive varieties use 'Green Olives' from Chalkidiki (or Halkidiki) which is an area of Northern Greece, near the Aegean Sea, with excellent climatic conditions and fertile soil. The region is just north west of Mount Athos and olive trees have been cultivated here for centuries. Most Chalkidiki Olives are large, pale green and oval in shape. They are usually harvested while still young and processed through brine curing which results in a firm meaty texture that gives a full flavour with a little tartness and a slight peppery taste.

A key part of the healthy Mediterranean diet, loaded with important nutrients and antioxidants. No preservatives. Drained weight 1kg. Vacuum-sealed for freshness. You can store our olives for up to 30 days after opening in the fridge, if placed in a liquid mixture of olive oil and vinegar. The olives will retain their excellent taste and high nutritional value. If you would like to decrease the saltiness of your olives then soak them for 2 hours in a bowl of freshwater. Then replace the water with clean water, and let them soak for two more hours.

* Olives have 10 times more antioxidants than olive oil.

* They contain significant amounts of vitamins A, B and E, which together contribute to the good skin health.

* Rich in phenolic compounds, with trace elements and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

* The average energy value of the olive is greater than other fruits and vegetables.

* The fruit of the olive contains oil, proteins and amino-sugars.

* The calcium content of an olive is higher not only than that of fruit and vegetables but also of meat, fish and bread. Gram for gram it is equal to the calcium content in cows milk.

* According to nutritionists we should eat 80g of olives each day, because of the calcium, vitamin, and nutrient content.

Best before: April 2023

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