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Herbal Tea Garden Seed Collection

A collection of six packs of seeds of herbs to pick straight from the garden to infuse in a hot cup of tea. Drink individually or create your own unique blends. Organic, produced in Somerset, UK. Collection includes: Catnip, German Chamomile, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Licorice Mint & Tulsi.
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When you grow herbs in your garden you literally have a delicious cup of tea at your fingertips. 

Over the years herbalists have discovered which plants are best for a great cup of herbal tea. Some are sweet, some are spicy, some are calming, some are stimulating – they are all beautiful and delicious. Choose a leaf, or a flower, or a root for your cup and you will be delighted with the sensual surprise that unfolds.

From soothing chamomile, meaning apple of the earth; to uplifting lemon balm, whose botanical name Melissa is inspired by its relationship with the honey bee; to the sweet-menthol flavoured licorice mint, here is a summer full of garden-fresh herbal tea awaiting the dedicated gardener.

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Manufacturer Earthsong Seeds
Values and causes Eco Friendly, Organic, Made in the UK
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