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Honey Soap and Beeswax Candle Gift Box

A functional and sustainable beeswax gift box containing a honey soap bar (100 grams) and two hand-rolled voltive candles (burn time: 4 hours each). Made in Dorset, UK. Size of box: 18.5cm x 9cm x 4.5cm
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Candles: 100% natural beeswax candles, no perfume. Hand-rolled from the pure wax sheets that are also used in beehives for the bees to build their honeycomb on. 100% Cotton wick. A clean burn with a bright flame, no waste. Soap: Natural, hand made soap bar produces a creamy lather and washes off to leave skin feeling soft. Made with Dorset honey and beeswax. Includes bergamot essential oil for a gentle fragrance. Free from palm oil. Made in Dorset, UK. Size of box: 18.5cm x 9cm x 4.5cm

INGREDIENTS: sodium brassica campestrisate (English rapeseed oil), sodium cocoate (cocoa butter), aqua (water), sodium hydroxide (lye), mel (honey), citrus bergamia oil (bergamot essential oil), sodium cera albate (beeswax), limonene*, linalool*.

*naturally derived from plant essential oils

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Manufacturer Filberts Bees
Values and causes Eco Friendly, Made in the UK