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eBook: How You See Me by S. E. Craythorne

Longlisted - Mzlexia Women's Novel Competition 2014 Shortlisted - Writer's Retreat Competition 2013 Taut and suspenseful, *How You See Me* examines the terrifying power of the mind to deceive, not only others but " most destructively of all " ourselves. "A dark tale of obsession, rage and loss begins to emerge... in this chillingly perceptive novel of a man who has completely lost his moral compass." - Pamreader
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‘I’ve probably lied to you. That’s habit. I lie to everyone about my family…’ Daniel Laird has returned to Norfolk after a nine-year absence to care for his ailing artist father. He describes his uneasy homecoming in a series of letters to his sister, his boss, and to Alice, his one true love. But it is not until he discovers a hidden cache of his father’s paintings that the truth begins to surface about why he left all those years ago. The more Daniel writes, the more we learn about his past – and the more we begin to fear for those he holds dear. "The architecture of the novel is tight and spare. Daniel’s uneasy homecoming and artful dodging around the traumatic event that propelled him from home are delicately handled... The characterisation of this relationship [between Daniel and his father] is masterful... Daniel appears to want to receive or grant forgiveness, and this is dramatised with patient subtlety in Daniel’s careful tending of his father’s wounds… a polished literary mystery exploring the fragile and intensely human nature of deception." - Independent eBook: 208 pages Publisher: Myriad Editions Language: English
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