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I Have Waited, And You Have Come by Martine McDonagh

A story of survival and obsession in a world brought to its knees. "Deeply atmospheric and darkly original, it explores the impact of loneliness and loss on the psyche in extreme conditions, and the terrible toll it can take." - Pamreader Paperback: 192 pages Size: 129mm x 188mm
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When Jez White disturbs Rachel’s solitary existence she finds herself being drawn into a murky territory somewhere between stalking and being stalked. This powerful novel is by turns sensual and sinister, and conjures up an all-too-believable near future – of isolated communities, wild weather and strange allegiances. "I have waited, and you have come takes its dystopian near-future setting and uses it to build a derelict world of bleak isolation. The dreamlike first-person narrative reinforces this with vivid descriptions of the mouldering landscape of a post-civilization Britain. This is Martine McDonagh's first novel, making the power of her simple prose all the more impressive. She has crafted a taut, creepy portrait of a woman whose already fragile mental state is pushed to breaking point by a series of threats which may be real or only imagined. Rachel is a fascinating study in the effects of isolation and paranoia. Told with passion and real skill I have waited, and you have come is a disturbing but rewarding read that makes a virtue of brevity and a narrow focus." - The Bookbag Paperback: 192 pages Publisher: Myriad Editions (14 Feb. 2012) Language: English ISBN: 978-1-908434-12-8 Size: 129mm x 188mm
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ISBN 978-1-908434-12-8
Manufacturer Myriad
Values and causes Myriad
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