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Light roast coffee beans, 1kg

Pure Arabica coffee beans made from 70% Arabica bean from the Mexican highlands and 30% Arabica beans from the mountains of Peru. The perfect light roast.

This mixture is suitable for all coffee machines and results in a balanced Café Crème. 


Like us, you probably want more equity, more sustainability, and more quality at affordable prices. That’s why we have teamed up with gebana to change the rules of the game: they trade differently, you buy differently. This is how we all make it work:

  • gebana only harvest and deliver fruit when it is ripe. 
  • The taste is what counts above all; meaningless standards such as size and colour are of no concern.
  • gebana sell in large packages that come directly from the country of origin. This is more efficient, reducing not only waste but also food miles.
  • You, the customer, buy in larger quantities. By receiving large packages directly from the producers you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase, with shorter transport routes, lower emissions and less packaging. And you can always share the contents of bulk packages with friends and family.
  • We continue to strive to keep getting better at doing business socially and ecologically and change global trade in favour or farming families, local economies and the environment – it doesn’t stop at organic and fair trade! 
  • We help small scale organic farmers from the South to sell their produce in Western Europe.
  • No preservatives, no wastage, and incredible taste – you won’t look back!

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Storage: Store in an air-tight container to keep the coffee fresh.

About the producers:

Yeni Navan / Michiza
Yeni Naván is called "Living Light" in Zapotec. Politically, the small farmers of the Oaxaca region are close to the Zapatistas from the south of Mexico. The cooperative relies on the values of collective work, solidarity and self-responsible administration as well as organic agriculture. The share of women is considerable at 40%, and since 1988 the cooperative produces organic coffee.

The 171 members of Cooperative Choopchebi, in the mountains of Puru, grow organic coffee on an area of 600ha. With the money from the Fair Trade premiums, investments are being made in the infrastructure (especially in transport and drying) and projects have been implemented to improve quality and productivity.

About gebana:  Global Farmers' Market is a new partnership with gebana to supply organic produce direct from farmers in poor countries. gebana was founded in Switzerland in 1998 with the aim of linking social and ecological values to economic sustainability. They established supply chains and partner companies were formed in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Turkey, Togo and Benin to make it easier for them to link to local farmers. They enable small scale organic farmers from the South to sell their produce in Western Europe. It hasn’t been an easy ride and one of the ways that has made gebana distinctive has been its willingness to take risks. gebana has high standards for social justice and sustainability. It works with external accreditation but recognises that whilst clear and strict standards are important, their implementation is often laborious, bureaucratic and expensive. They have developed their own organic and fairtrade standards whilst recognising the needs and disadvantages of small-scale farmers.

Until now gebana has only operated in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Most of their organic farmers produce more than they can sell so we are very excited to become a distributor. They share many of this Shop's core aims, fostering sustainable development across the world whilst protecting the environment for future generations.

Their produce is organically farmed and then shipped via land or sea to limit carbon emissions.

Standard shipping rates apply. Free P&P for orders over £75.

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Manufacturer gebana
Values and causes Fair Trade, Organic
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