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Natural Toothpaste, 60ml

A natural toothpaste that has been specially developed to cleanse and remineralise teeth naturally. High in key minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and natural organic silica, this formula has been created using only the best quality ingredients, all of which are organic and food grade certified.

An effective surface stain remover without being harsh and abrasive to your teeth.
Comes with one bamboo spatula. 60ml.

Available in english peppermint and activated charcoal.

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Natural Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal, 60ml
Natural Toothpaste English Peppermint, 60ml

Free from Fluoride, SLS & Glycerin Mineral-rich formula, promoting remineralisation PETA cruelty-free & Vegan.

Comes in a recyclable glass jar, aluminium lid and compostable box.
60ml: Lasts up to 4 weeks with 1 person using twice a day.

Directions: Put a pea-sized amount onto your toothbrush, brush for 2 minutes and rinse well.

English Peppermint: blended with organic peppermint essential oil that packs a punch with a strong minty flavour. Peppermint oil is extremely effective at killing the sort of bacteria that can cause gum disease, and the peroxide-free activated charcoal formulation is a great alternative to conventional whitening toothpastes.

Activated Charcoal: blended with activated charcoal and flavoured with organic peppermint essential oil. Studies have shown peppermint oil to be extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria; the sort of bacteria that thrives in a low oxygen environment like your mouth, left untreated this bacteria can cause gum disease. The peroxide-free activated charcoal formulation is a great alternative to conventional whitening toothpastes.

Store in a dry place for up to 12 months after opening.


Georganics believe it is possible to take great care of your teeth using natural, organic ingredients; instead of fluoride or any of the other synthetic nasties that are found in many mainstream products.

Read here to decode some of the talk around fluoride and your health.


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Manufacturer Georganics
Values and causes Vegan Friendly, Eco Friendly, Organic
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