NI475 New Internationalist September 2014 Issue

NI475 New Internationalist September 2014 Issue

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The Absurdity of Gold

We take a look at our crazy lust for the shiny yellow metal. Once tied to our currency, gold now floats free in value, completely unconnected to any actual use to us in our daily lives. Dipping yesterday, zooming up today, tomorrow who knows? Best buy some just in case. Store it away for a rainy day. People steal it, kill for it, destroy entire eco-systems to get their hands on it. It’s not for nothing it’s called the gold rush.



We are now mining more of the stuff than ever before. Its soaring value is turning even remote and difficult mining sites into viable ‘ore’. In an era when we desperately need to rethink core notions of growth and our unsustainable ecological footprint, we are intensifying destructive goldmining for no other purpose than to make a few people rich.
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