NI521 - Who Owns the Sea? - September/October 2019

NI521 - Who Owns the Sea? - September/October 2019

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How do you draw lines on water? How do you decide who can extract the sea’s riches and resources and where? Or can use it as a massive dustbin? Who has the right to assume dominion and restrict passage to others? To rule the waves, as the infamous anthem goes? The oceans have always been a zone of contention – and never more so than today.


It’s said we have the ocean to thank for every second breath we take. What with plastics pollution, over-fishing and all manner of dumping, we are not exactly showing our gratitude. And deep sea mining will make matters much worse. The Law of the Sea is not fit for purpose. The freedom of the high seas if far from liberty for any but the rich and powerful, be they mining and biotech corporations or fishing interests making virtual slaves of seafarers denied any human rights protection. But with the political will and the right international action we can save the ocean, all that lives in and on it, and ourselves. The coming few months are crucial as a new ocean treaty is being negotiated at an international level. Instead of the damaging free-for-all that is the current status quo, the high seas should be owned by the international community and regulated to ensure equity.

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