NI532 - Courage & Terror in Myanmar - July/August 2021

'You messed with the wrong generation.' This rallying cry against the return of junta rule is still reverberating across Myanmar. The unprecedented resistance, in fact, cuts across society. We look at how the February 2021 coup has united millions to stand up to a ruthless regime and inspired calls for a new democracy that removes the military from politics for good. Featuring people on the frontlines of the struggle, we lay out how the world must take immediate steps to back them.
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Only six years ago we were celebrating hopes for a new future after the first free elections in decades. The people of Myanmar know dictatorship. They’ve seen more starkly than most how the few profit from the many. How their schools and hospitals crumbled as the generals and their cronies hoarded wealth. The muzzling of debate. This Big Story set out to record the terror but also the tremendous courage of popular resistance now under way. As the masses push for a new federal democracy, the world must decisively stand with Myanmar’s people.

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