NI537 - Big Oil - May/June 2022

A massive ice shelf on the edge of Antarctica is starting to crack. Fissures began appearing in the ice holding back the Thwaites glacier - a sheet the size of Florida which could raise sea levels around the world by more than half a metre, should it slip into the Southern Ocean. Geophysicists estimated this collapse could come within five years - a warning surely made sharper by the news that 'heatwaves' this year have seen both poles more than 30 degrees higher than normal.

Something's got to give but the oil and gas industry, the driving force behind the climate crisis, has a different idea of what is practical.

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For this Big Story we dive into how these corporations have kept on turning a profit even as the evidence of hydrocarbons' destructiveness piles up. We look for ways out of that mess, envisaging a better world.

Also in the edition, we report from Tajikistan where there's a chill wind of change afoot as mighty powers jostle to exert influence. And more strong-arm tactics are exposed in Tina Burrett's piece on how lawsuits are being used by the uber-rich to silence critical journalists.

84 pages.

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