NI541 - The Cost of Greed Crisis - January/February 2023

Prices of everyday essentials are spiralling around the world, inflating poverty as they leave wages behind. But misery for many – from fuel poverty to forecasts of famine – means bumper profits for the few. We look through the spin at what’s behind this crisis of inequality, and how we get out of it.

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The world’s economy is in crisis. Prices of basic necessities – principally food, and energy – are skyrocketing. In the rich North, this is pushing many into poverty in the largest cut to real incomes in generations. Across the Global South the situation is even more severe, with food price rises hitting the very poorest hardest.

Meanwhile a handful of corporations and petro-states reap the profits… This magazine looks at what’s happening, how concentrated corporate power is behind it, and highlights struggles across all continents that give hope for a fightback.

Also, in this edition, Husna Ara imagines a decolonized mental health system, Sophie Nieman looks at the controversial trial of a former child soldier in Uganda, and Dylan Sullivan and Jason Hickel explore how austerity policies have killed millions around the world.

84 pages.

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