Radiator Booster

Radiator Booster

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Maximise the efficiency of your central heating radiators by "sucking up" the lost heat from behind your radiator and gently circulating it around the room. Helps to give you a consistent, even room temperature. This energy saving efficiency means that on average the room thermostat can be reduced by 1 to 3 degrees C, giving an average money saving of around £140 per year.

NB: Water filled radiators only, electrical source required Usage: 2Kw hours per year which equates to approximately 50p



This ingenious device will save you energy and money.

How it works:
1. The clever fan arrangement draws heat from your radiator, heating your room up in up to half the time, allowing your boiler to shut down much sooner.
2. As your radiator heats up, the 'rear' surface normally radiates heat onto your wall, heating this up, which it turn is lost through the wall due to conduction. The fan sucks most of this wasted heat and fires it into your room, significantly reducing the losses, saving you even more energy.

UK energy providers state that reducing your thermostat by one degree Celsius could save the average home £49 every year or 10% off your heating bills. Most of the tests on the Radiator Booster have found that it achieves more than 2 degrees reduction!

The Radiator Booster can be used with radiator covers. If you fit it in place under the cover, you could save up to three times as much energy.

Please note: the Radiator Booster can only be used with water-filled radiators. The higher temperatures of oil-filled, electric storage, and electric convection radiators will damage the housing and fans in the Radiator Booster. It may not be used in bathrooms or any other damp or humid environment.

Size: 61cm x 6cm x 6cm Weight: 240 grams

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