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Revolver World Ground Coffee - Colombia Strength 4

Full bodied and smooth with a hint of chocolate, nut and spice. GM free, organic and fair trade. 227g. Strength: 4
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This coffee is from the Red Eco Sierra Cooperative in the department of Sierra Nevada in the region of Santa Marta in Northern Colombia near the Caribbean coast. Cooperativa Red ECOSIERRA was established in 2001 and is made up of 18 individual groups, 600 families across 900 farms. The annual harvest is between November and February and the cooperative organically grows typical, Castillo and Colombia varieties of Arabica plants, at an altitude of 900-1300 meters. Red Eco Sierra was established in order to consolidate production and move towards a more sustainable production model. Trade, administration, production and marketing have all been consolidated into the Cooperative. The community has begun conversion plans to include the construction of basic sanitation, processing, pulping, building, composters, redefining production, and the conservation and protection of flora and fauna that gives rise to biodiversity in the fragile Sierra Nevada valley.

Revolver World reinvest profit back into farming producing communities. All of their coffee is grown by co-operatives. This means that the whole community is an equal stakeholder in the business, and that your money goes directly to supporting their development, education and wellbeing. 

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Manufacturer Revolver World
Values and causes Fair Trade, Organic