Rough Guide To Music Without Frontiers CD

Rough Guide To Music Without Frontiers CD

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This collection celebrates the remarkable and diverse music of the indigenous peoples and minorities living in unrecognized or occupied territories around the world.


Disc 1
The Garifuna Collective: Alagan (Legacy) (3:13)
Parno Graszt: Koro Kino (3:19)
Mariem Hassan: Rahy El Aaiún Egdat (5:54)
The Kamkars: Set Me Free (Segah) (5:49)
Ali Mohammed Birra: Kan Ati Fettun Asani Infedhani (4:45)
Bi Kidude: Kijiti (9:47)
Hanggai: Four Seasons (5:08)
Voce Di Corsica: A Me Brunetta (2:11)
A Tribe Called Red: The Road (Feat. Black Bear) (3:07)
Abdul Ghapur, Gul Muhammad & Yusup Koshkalat: Sheki Saz (6:31)
Ramzi Aburedwan: Rahil (6:57)
Tashi Lhunpo Monks: Ngag-Ki-Rolyang (2:33)
Yarkend Dance, Song Ensemble & Sanam Ensemble: Dastan Neghmeh & Marghul I (Excerpt) (3:27)
Korrontzi: Belardi (3:45)

Disc 2:
Bell (0:14)
Mani (2:02)
Chaba Chuyi (0:58)
Acho Soetop (6:31)
Duk Sansang (4:40)
Nenyi Samdup (3:42)
Amaleho (4:56)
Chang Ya-Re (5:07)
Pangye Metok (4:37)
Gya Nagpo Ta (2:27)
Rang Yu (4:05)
Chola Tashi (6:37)
Shigatse (2:44)
Alahyeh (3:01)
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