Values and causes

Stroking Cerberus - Poems from the Afterlife by Jacqueline Haskell

The living have always told themselves stories about the dead, but few of us stop to wonder if the dead ever tell tales of the living. Through the prism of Haskell’s identity as a deaf poet come the themes of communication—or miscommunication—across worlds, languages and between the living and the dead.

Paperback. 49 pages
Publisher: Myriad Editions (2018)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-912408-46-7
Size: 16cm x 11cm

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Mythical dogs, the dead who mourn the living, and the sorrow of those reincarnated, join hands around Jacqueline Haskell’s unique and very personal poetic Ouija board to resonate with the living, the dead and all those in-between. As forcible as they are humorous, these are poignant and thought-provoking poems.

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ISBN 9781912408467
Manufacturer Myriad
Values and causes Myriad

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