Bishopston In 1978 a group of residents of Bishopston in Bristol twinned their community with the South Indian village of K.V.Kuppam. Their intention was to promote friendship and mutual understanding between two very different parts of the world. Several years later a letter from a village leader in K.V.Kuppam thanked the twinning committee for all their support, but made the simple assertion that as skilled craftspeople the villagers wanted work not charity. With this in mind Bishopston Trading Company eas established as a means of providing employment for the village of K.V.Kuppam by utilising the traditional handloom weaving that was one of the major crafts of the area.

From small beginnings, when six people were employed in the Tailoring Units in K.V.Kuppam, the company has grown to provide employment to almost 200 tailors, cutters, hand-finishers, embroiderers and craft workers. A further 90 people are employed as handloom weavers who produce the beautiful handloom Fairtrade certified organic cotton cloth that is used to make clothes, toys, bags, bedding and much more.