About gebana

gebana emerged as a movement for fairer global trade in 1973 and started operating as a fair trade company in 1998.

Today, the Global Farmers' Market thinks and trades well beyond "organic" and "fair", changing the rules of trade.

We create market access: On the online platform for crowd projects, we share our knowledge on food imports with other start-ups, NGOs and producer groups. This creates market access thanks to crowd ordering and crowdfunding.

We sell directly: Our products reach the consumers via our online shops. Fresh fruits and vegetables are ordered in advance and we ship them once they are ripe and freshly harvested.

We are involved politically: Politics has the most leverage when it comes to making trade fairer. That's why we stand up for policies that share our goal.

We think holistically: We are committed to much more than just organic and fair trade certifications. gebana always looks at the entire value chain and gradually develops the most sustainable product, because we acknowledge sustainability as a continuous process.

We trade: We support our local producers by selling their organic and FLO Fairtrade certified products to wholesalers. This creates autonomous companies that work independently of us.

We know the farmers: We know our farmers personally, provide agricultural training and pay them directly. No place is too far for us to meet them, not even the most remote villages.

We invest: Investing in local food production creates jobs and income. In doing so, we knowingly take great risk and get involved in the poorest countries in the world.

Together with the help of our chosen partners, customers and family farmers worldwide we are leading the way in sustainable trade and continue to work towards changing global trade in favour of family farmers, local communities and the environment.

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