Jarapa are a family company who source and wholesale recycled and natural products. They aim to run a friendly, ethically and environmentally sound business supplying quality environmentally sound products. They say:

We have a home office - no commute to work, and no need for additional lighting or heating.
We use recycled stationery
We recycle all business mail, waste and packagaing we can
We have local storage - our warehouse is just over half a mile from our home, so most of the time we can cycle there.
We have an lpg vehicle - one of our vehicles runs on lpg which emits about 20% less CO2 than a petrol engine, and 20 times less Nitrogen oxides and 120 times less particluates than a diesel engine. We are looking to convert our second vehicle to run on vegetable oil.
We source our products from within Europe to keep transportation to a minimum.
We source our rugs from a small family business.
We visit our suppliers and see their working conditions and practices.
Where practical we ship direct from our suppliers to customers (larger orders) to minimise transportation.
We try to minimise packaging (especially re-packaging).
Where possible we use recycled or recycleable packaging materials.