Liberation Foods

Liberation Foods Liberation Foods is the UK’s only Fair Trade, farmer-owned nut company. Our vision is a world in which small-holder nut producers earn a decent, secure income and can plan for the future of their families and communities. We buy our nuts from the co-operatives of small-scale growers and farmers who own a 44 percent share of our company.

Liberation brings together peanut farmers from Malawi and Nicaragua, cashew farmers from India and El Salvador and Brazil nut gatherers from the Amazon rainforest. Our producer shareholders are united in their goal of selling their delicious nuts through their own company – they feel empowered to be actively involved in the whole supply chain.

Liberation was founded by the pioneering Fair Trade organisation Twin, our other major shareholder, alongside the producers. On our behalf, Twin undertakes amazing projects with our producer shareholders, especially the peanut and macadamia producers in Malawi, see

All of our products carry the Fairtrade mark which means that producers get paid at least the Fairtrade minimum price for their nuts and that they receive a Fairtrade premium for every kilogram they sell. The Fairtrade minimum price is designed to ensure that farmers can earn a decent living from growing their nuts – if the market price is above the Fairtrade minimum then we pay at least the market price. The Fairtrade premium is for farmer organisations to invest in community projects. Recent projects range from health care and education facilities to tools and equipment to grow even better nuts to solar powered fences to protect cashew trees whilst not hurting the endangered elephants that like to munch on them!