Love That Stuff

Love That Stuff A fair trade company, started in 2002 with the following principles:

To source:
• quality handmade fair trade jewellery,
classic and casual clothing, accessories
and household goods
• to pay a fair, mutually agreed price
for all goods from our producer
groups in the global South.

To sell:
• at affordable and fair prices
• increasing volumes of goods to
help more producers
• to promote and campaign for
fair trade.

To maintain WFTO criteria
on fair trade, to:
• promote and campaign for fair trade
• establish long-term trading relationships
with producer groups
• uphold transparency and accountability,
and build trust
• not use child labour
• pay a living wage plus social premium
for health, education and training
• use eco-friendly materials and not
degrade the environment as far as possible
• establish good communications and ideas'
exchange with producer groups
• ensure workers have a democratic say in
how they work
• uphold respect for the individual.