Revolver World

Revolver World Revolver Co-operative Limited is the trading co-operative company behind the Revolver World brand. They are a multi-stakeholder community co-operative: membership is open to all, including suppliers such as the co-operatives in the developing world producing the commodities, retailers such as The Co-operative Food and customers who buy our coffee in the supermarkets.

Revolver World grew out of Revolver Records which is an indie record label that's been around since the late 1970s with 3500 albums on release. By remaining fiercely independent, Revolver kept true to its musical roots. In 2007 they became progressively more interested in the Fairtrade movement and Revolver World was created to produce and distribute Fairtrade-accredited coffee, cotton and other commodities. 25% of the profit is reinvested into the producers' communities in order to improve the lives of women and children through improved health and education