The Big Cheese Making Kit

The Big Cheese Making Kit came about through a love of cheese and the curiosity to find out if I could make it myself, triggered by watching a Celebrity Chef making yogurt (I won’t name names but he lives in a cottage by the river!) I thought it looked really easy, and if you can make yogurt you can make cheese right?
I started digging online and found that yes, you could make cheese at home without any fancy equipment or having to age the stuff for decades under your stairs. In fact, you can make it really quickly and be eating it within an hour!
I became hooked on making cheese and wanted other people to feel that same. I was always pleased by people’s reactions when they would come for lunch and I had made cheese. They couldn’t believe I’d made it myself and said they wanted to try it too.
And so, after lots of trial and error, lots of focus groups, 100s of pints of milk and countless recipe edits later…The Big Cheese Making Kit was born.
Ailsa x