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Tea Grow Bar

Grow this collection of superbly fragrant herbs and brew your own tasty tisanes. Contains: Camomile, Fennel and Peppermint. Start growing: February - June
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The Growbar is made from coir - an Eco Friendly alternative to peat made from coconut fibre and comes in 100% recycled packaging. The seeds are added to the coir ready to create beautiful flowers next summer.


Camomile - use the pretty daisy-like flowers for a soothing brew (annual)

Fennel - with a distinct aniseed flavour, fennel is excellent for the digestion (perennial)

Peppermint - zingy and refreshing, peppermint is wonderful for relaxation and digestion (perennial)

Packaging dimensions: 24cm x 10.4cm x 1.5cm

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