Download: The Rough Guide To The Mediterranean

Download: The Rough Guide To The Mediterranean

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This Rough Guide treads ashore to the hilly outposts of Mediterranean life where music is still the lifeblood of the old, opulent cultures that hail from the region. Spaniard Benjamin Escoriza features alongside Turk Mercan Dede, Croatian Darko Rundek, Corsican ensemble A Filletta and Albanian brass band Fanfara Tirana.


Disc 1 1. Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis: Mes Tou Aegeou Ta Nera (4:30) 2. Maurice El Medioni: Taktouk Andalou/ Ghazalati (5:31) 3. Daniele Sepe: Zamba del Che (3:22) 4. Emil Zrihan: Kochav Tzedek (3:42) 5. Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar: Ista Slika (4:06) 6. Salamat: El Zol Asal (5:33) 7. A Filetta: L'orme Sanguigne (4:10) 8. Ramzi Aburedwan: Sodfa (5:13) 9. Mercan Dede feat. Zerina Cokoja: Moj Dilbere Kud Se Seces (4:00) 10. Fanfara Tirana: Mediterrane # 1 (2:57) 11. Dimitris Mistakidis: Mes' Ton Teke Tis Marigos (4:14) 12. Benjamin Escoriza: Niña (4:52) 13. Jalilah: Lebanese Bouquet (8:35) 14. Akim El Sikameya: Chouia L’Mon Coeur (4:11) 15. Ruth Yaakov Ensemble: Onde Que Tope Una Queis Placiente (2:23) 16. Eduardo Niebla: Calle De La Tiña (3:31) 17. Watcha Clan: Osfour (3:58) Disc 2 — Includes bonus CD by Eduardo Niebla & Adel Salameh 1. Mediterraneo (11:10) 2. Andalucia (13:06) 3. Jardines Del Corazón (15:23) 4. Oasis (11:25)
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