The Rough Guide To The Music Of West Africa

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Original source of the blues and fabled land of musical giants, West Africa is a powerhouse like no other. From the first African artist to sell a million singles, Mory Kanté, to new torch bearers Samba Touré, Nuru Kane and the driving desert blues of Etran Finatawa; this is a collection of timeless and inspirational recordings.


Track listing: 1. Nuru Kane: Afrika (3:35) 2. Samba Touré: Alabina (4:11) 3. Miria - Union Malian des Aveugles: Farinya Manji (5:24) 4. Daby Balde: Kaye Waxma (5:05) 5. Victor Uwaifo: Ekassa 28 (5:20) 6. Anansy Cissé: Fati Ka (4:36) 7. Etran Finatawa: Kel Tamasheck (5:07) 8. Amadou Diagne: Senegal (3:09) 9. Mory Kante: Mama (5:04) 10. Sally Nyolo: Me So Wa Yen (3:30) 11. Seprewa Kasa: Adowa (Otanfo) (4:37) 12. Mamane Barka: Mashi (3:49) 13. Koo Nimo: Adowa Palm-Wine Set: You Will Be Overtaken By Events/Listen, Listen And Listen Again (5:00) 14 .Bidjoi Sisters: Chantal (3:26) 15. Noumoucounda Cissoko: Noumou Koradioulou (4:05)
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