The Rough Guide To World Music (25th Anniversary edition)

The Rough Guide To World Music (25th Anniversary edition)

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A quarter of a century since the ground-breaking Rough Guide To World Music was first released, this anniversary edition celebrates the beauty and diversity of musical cultures both past and present. From the virtuoso musicianship of Calcutta's guitar master Debashish Bhattacharya and Palestinian buzuq player Ramzi Aburedwan to the irresistibly danceable grooves of Klezmer-Balkan band She'Koyokh and Chinese folk rockers Shanren, this is a jaw-dropping collection.



Track List

1. Rafiki Jazz: Sunno
2. Kries: Ivo Se Šeće
3. Monoswezi: A Je
4. Shanren: Thirty Years
5. Debashish Bhattacharya: Meeting By Waikiki
6. Nordic Raga: Vildhonung
7. Alba Griot: The Darkness Between The Leaves
8. Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis: Allaxokairia (Weather Changes)
9. Ramzi Aburedwan: Sodfa
10. Rocqawali: Ill Allah
11. Guillaume Barraud Quartet: Kalavati
12. She'Koyokh: Kćeri Moja & Kızım Seni Ali Vereyim Mi
13. Etran Finatawa: Matinfa
14. Krar Collective: Guragigna
15. Söndörgő: Evo Srcu
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