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The State of the World Atlas by Dan Smith (10th edition)

In a world governed by ‘fake news’ and where world leaders are dismissing ‘facts’, this statistically meticulous presentation of trends is vitally important to understand the world today.

Reviews (Previous edititions)
‘Unique and uniquely beautiful... A single map here tells us more about the world today than a dozen abstracts or scholarly tomes.’ LA Times
‘These are the bad dreams of the modern world submitted to a grid that can be grasped instantaneously.’ New York Times

Paperback: 208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912408-87-0
Publisher: Myriad (October 2020)
Language: English
Size: 23cm x 17cm

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A groundbreaking atlas and milestone of graphic reporting, this statistically meticulous presentation of trends in maps and charts explains the most challenging issues facing the world today.

With the economic, global health and geo-political reverberations of Covid-19 referenced throughout, other topics for this new 10th edition include:

health • education and gender inequalities • human rights abuses • financial corruption
• military might• chemical warfare • plastic waste • climate change

• Around 258 million people live outside the country of their birth
• 14% of the world’s children are economically active
• Violence costs the world around $8.3 trillion a year – twice the amount needed to meet the UN’s development goals
• Nearly 2 billion people in the world are overweight or obese
• More than 800 million people are undernourished
• By 2050 almost all seabirds will have ingested plastic
• Nearly 50% of the world’s economic output is generated in places aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050

About the author: Dan Smith OBE is the Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and has been writing on peace and security for 40 years. He has held fellowships at the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Hellenic Foundation for Foreign and European Policy, and chaired the Advisory Group for the UN Peacebuilding Fund and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. He was awarded an OBE in 2002 and blogs at

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