Supernatural Star Incense Sticks, Energising Blend

Ten high quality hand-dipped bamboo incense sticks soaked with uniquely formulated essential oil blends, for a delicate aroma.

The envelope is adorned with the stunning gold Timeless Treasures design and each parcel has a positive affirmation for an extra feel good boost.

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Ten coloured incense sticks each burning for up to one hour.

To use: light a stick, blow out and allow end to glow.

Use in an incense stick holder in a draft free area.

Supernatural Star is an energising blend designed to support, uplift and revitalise for an awakening feel-good boost. Blended with geranium, orange, lavender and yang-ylang.

The positive message on the incense package is 'Feel Free Happy and Smile'.

ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity that represents a collective of artists living with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs. The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale. All artwork derives from the skills each artist brings to the enterprise and every contribution holds real value.

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Manufacturer Arthouse Unlimited
Values and causes Eco Friendly, Made in the UK, Charity