1. Milk Chocolate Coins

    Delicious fairly-traded chocolate from Ghana, these are the only Fair Trade chocolate coins you can buy.
  2. Dark Chocolate Coins

    Made with fairly-traded dark chocolate from Ghana, these are the only Fair Trade chocolate coins you can buy. Suitable for vegans.
  3. Fairtrade Vegan Fudge Fairtrade Vegan Fudge

    Starting at: £3.95

    Fairtrade Vegan Fudge

    Delicious vegan fudge in an attractive gift bag.
    Made in the UK using Fairtrade ingredients.
    Vegan and gluten free.
    Weight: 150g.

  4. Divine Chocolate Hearts Divine Chocolate Hearts

    Starting at: £4.00

    Divine Chocolate Hearts

    Treat your loved ones with these delicious chocolate hearts. Each mini heart chocolate is wrapped in foil, making a lovely gift.

    Dark Chocolate (suitable for vegans)
    Milk Chocolate
    White Chocolate with dried strawberries

  5. Medjoul Dates Medjoul Dates

    Starting at: £4.95

    Medjoul Dates

    The ‘Medjoul’ is the finest of dates. It is grown in the Jericho area which has the perfect climate for producing these delicious, soft and succulent dates. They are sourced through the ‘Palm Farmers Cooperative’ and are a vital source of income in this area.

    Dates are one of the oldest tree crops cultivated by man. More than 5000 years ago this valuable tree helped sustain the desert and nomadic peoples of the Middle East and North Africa.

    Medjoul dates have been called the “king of dates” and the “crown jewel of dates.” Like most dates, the fruit is dried prior to being eaten. What really makes these dried wonders so special is that they are exceptionally large, contain a large amount of “fruit meat,” and are extremely sweet. Each center of the date has an elongated pit, which is easy to remove. Despite its sweetness, a couple of medjool dates only contain about 90 calories. They’re a good source of fiber and contain high levels of potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese. They do have a significant amount of fruit sugar, but this can make them a perfect alternative to other forms of dessert.

    The “Medjoul” variety is produced in Jericho and the Jordan Valley in Palestine, and in some other places like California, USA.

    Medjoul dates are usually eaten fresh as a desert after lunch or dinner. They are also used as an ingredient of different kinds of sweets and in packing as a paste.

  6. Divine Advent Calendars Divine Advent Calendars

    Starting at: £4.95

    Divine Advent Calendars

    Enjoy the countdown to Christmas with a Divine fair-trade advent calendar. Choose from a milk chocolate classic, or vegan friendly dark chocolate. Weight 85g
  7. Dark Chocolate Crumbly Fudge

    Dark Chocolate Crumbly Fudge

    Smooth rich fudge pieces enrobed in 70% dark chocolate. Weight: 130g.
  8. Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzels

    Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzels

    Salted pretzel balls covered in silk milk chocolate. Weight 110g.
  9. Divine Chocolate Mint, Ginger and Salted Caramel Thins Divine Chocolate Mint, Ginger and Salted Caramel Thins

    Starting at: £4.95

    Divine Chocolate Mint, Ginger and Salted Caramel Thins

    Delicious chocolate squares, made with Divine Chocolate's award-winning dark chocolate, with a soft mint, ginger or salted caramel filling.

    Mint and Ginger Thins suitable for vegans.


  10. Divine Spiced Hot Chocolate

    Divine Spiced Hot Chocolate

    Give yourself a treat and warm up with this spiced drinking chocolate. Owned by cocoa farmers, made for chocolate lovers. Suitable for vegans. 400g
  11. Divine Hot Chocolate

    Divine Hot Chocolate

    Warm up with delicious hot chocolate from Divine. Suitable for vegans. 400g
  12. Chilli Almonds

    Slow roasted almonds with chilli spices for a fighting crunch.

    Made in Palestine.


    Out of Stock
  13. Caramelised Almonds

    Imagine the sweetest nutty almonds, coated with dreamy caramel. These large coated almonds are utterly fair trade, and have travelled all the way from Zaytoun in Palestine to delight foodies here in the UK. Slow roasted with an irresistable sweet crunch. Suitable for Vegans. Made in Palestine. 140g
  14. Insect Bites

    Starting at: £5.95

    Insect Bites

    Do you dare to eat these delicious, healthy snacks that just happen to contain protein and vitamin-rich insect flour? Tasting is believing! Made in Denmark. Contains nuts. 48g pack.
  15. Caramel, Chocolate and Seasalt Fudge Box

    Melt in the mouth buttery fudge with caramel, chocolate and seasalt finish, beautifully presented in a gift box with a hand tied ribbon. The perfect gift. Made in the UK. Weight: 250g Box size: 8cm x 12.5cm x 5.5cm
  16. Bake Your Own Gingerbread House

    Bake Your Own Gingerbread House

    Bake your own delicious gingerbread house and gingerbread biscuits with our baking kit. Just add butter, water and an egg white. Made in Britain. Box weight: 875g. Box size: 22.5cm x 21.5cm x 6.5cm. Made in a factory that handles milk, wheat, soya and nuts. Palm oil free. Suitable for vegetarians.
  17. A Taste of Africa Gift Pack - no longer available A Taste of Africa Gift Pack - no longer available

    A Taste of Africa Gift Pack - no longer available

    Zulu Fire Hot Chilli Fire Sauce (125ml) and Swahili Lemon Pepper and Grinder (60g). Made in South Africa.
    Out of Stock
  18. Dark Chocolate Gift Pack (3 bars)

    Dark Chocolate Gift Pack (3 bars)

    Delicious new flavours from Divine; Blueberry and popped quinoa, refreshing lemon, turmeric and ginger. Beautifully packaged in a gift wallet. Size 3 x 80g.

  19. Coffee from the Americas (Pack of 3)

    Three beautiful coffees from the America's:

    Columbian (strength 4): Full bodied and smooth with a hint of chocolate, nut and spice.
    Costa Rican (strength 3): Distinctive, rounded body; fruity notes, balanced taste.
    Honduran (strength 3): Medium bodied with mild acidity taste, distinctive flavours of caramel and apricot. GM free, organic and fair trade.

    Each pack weighs 227g Once opened store your coffee in an airtight container; place in a cool, dry place and use within two weeks.
  20. Food Wraps (set of 3)

    Starting at: £12.99

    Food Wraps (set of 3)

    Reduce your plastic use with these handmade food wraps. Reusable, naturally anti-bacterial, compostable and rewashable. Pack of 3 - Large 35cm x 35cm, Medium 25cm x 25cm, Small 20cm x 18cm

    Beeswax (stripes design) - made from 100% pure cotton and locally sourced beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil.
    Rice Bran wax - made from 100% pure cotton and rice bran wax, pine resin and coconut oil. Vegan.