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Hot Drops & Grinder Gift Set: Fermented Chilli Hot Drops & Seaweed Salt

Like spicy but not too spicy? This is the perfect gift for you.

With the mild heat and taste of red Serrano from the hot drops, and a very versatile salt, your meals will never taste the same again.

This pre-assembled pack consists of:

  • Fermented Chilli Hot Drops (125ml)
  • Seaweed Salt Grinder (70g)

These fair, fine and ethical artisan products are made in South Africa and comes in a recyclable, cardboard box.

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Fermented Chilli Sauce: a distinctive 'fermented' flavour. This is the chilli sauce for the true fans who seek flavour first. Excellent on meat grills, tomatoes, ragu and pizza.

Ingredients: Vintage (50%) (chillies: Serrano and Passion Chilli (48%), vinegar, salt), lemon juice, water, sunflower oil, fermented Serrano chilli (12%), garlic, salt, Bird's Eye Chilli (0.3%), thickener: xanthum gum.

Seaweed Salt: a wonderful alternative to table salt. All the herbs, spices and seaweed are there to boost umami flavours - it brings out the best in fish and chicken, salads, green vegetables, grains and eggs.

Ingredients: Sea salt (80%), black pepper (4%), coriander (3%), mustard seed (3%), garlic, onion, oregano, thyme, seaweed (1%), chilli, bay leaves, parsley, corn flowers.

Cape Treasures form part of Turqle Trading, a social enterprise in Cape Town who develop and market fairly traded and ethical food products. 2.5% of the export price of this product is paid to the Fair Trade Trust for the education of the workers and their families.

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